The holiday season can be a dangerous time…

But not if you have a plan! So, I’m here to arm you against temptation and questionable behavior so that your personal training and nutrition plan doesn’t go into the toilet!

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Tip #1 – Make sure to continue to exercise!

Do NOT take the month off! If you need to make some changes or alterations, fine, but don’t go to sleep for a month! You will regret it! We see this happen every year and I get tell you how demoralizing it will be for you to start off the New Year behind the 8-ball.

Stay active, continue your training, don’t fall apart. People who get real results are not people who make it okay to hibernate for weeks at a time.

“Personal Responsibility” is the Arena Fitness battle cry!

Tip #2 – Don’t go to parties starving!

Party responsibly, people! You know how badly you do when you go grocery shopping hungry, how you make poor decisions? Yeah, this is the same thing.

Make sure to drink a liter of water before you go to a party.

When you get there, scope out the scene and make the best decisions possible. Fill your plate with lean protein and lots of veggies.


My rule of thumb: Taste everything, eat nothing.

What does this mean? Take a bite of everything you want, sample everything, but DON’T make a meal of it!

Tip #3 – Plan your indulgences

If you know you’re going to be going to a party where there are lots of indulgences, plan your week out ahead of time and eat clean so you can do some sampling at the party without overdoing it or feeling guilty.

Planning ahead is always smart and even moreso during the holidays.

Registration for our 28 Day KickStart opens next week!

One of the best ways to get 2017 off to a GREAT start, especially if you overdid it during the holidays, is to jump into our 28 Day KickStart in January (formerly called the TakeDown Challenge, same program, different name).

We do this 3 times a year and it helps people get amazing results in 28 days while helping them get on track to a lifetime of new behaviors and sustainable results. You can drop pounds, lose inches, maintain lean muscle and learn a ton about nutrition in this program.

The 28 Day KickStart includes:

  • Up to 60 recipes

  • Training packages

  • Accountability

  • Food coaching and mentoring

  • Measurements

  • Tons of support and lots of other benefits!

If you would like more information on how you can participate in the next 28 Day KickStart, fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you to answer all of your questions.

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Have a great week, and let me know if I can help you in any way!

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Stacey Garcia is the Nutrition Director of of Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers personal training in Northridge as well as group training in Encino.