Summertime and living’s easy… Or is it?

I was driving home from work today and was listening to the radio.  All the commercials were advertising how to accomplish having a lazy summer by drinking their soda or buying their outdoor furniture.  Listen, I too enjoy a day or two to just relax by the pool, sip a cool cocktail and listen to some good music while enjoying the company of my friends and family.  But that can also be the recipe for a diet disaster if not well planned out.  All of a sudden it’s Labor Day and you’ve gained 10 unnecessary pounds and you wonder how the heck they got there.  Well, I’ll tell you!  You got lazy.  And if I’m being honest, lazy never looked good on anyone! 

Here are my 5 tips to staying cool while the temperatures rise this summer.

1)  PLAN AHEAD.  Memorial Day is right around the corner.  Once that holiday hits it’s BBQ’s and beer all summer long.  You must be prepared!  This means bringing a healthy meal to a friends pool party so you know there will be something for you to eat.  Or, checking out a restaurant’s menu ahead of time so you don’t show up to a restaurant hungry and order something you shouldn’t. 

Planning your meals ahead of time and meal prepping really comes in handy!!  Also, don’t book too many parties in one week if you don’t have the strength to say no to treats yet.  Plan out the one party you want to attend and enjoy one indulgence meal.  But make sure it’s nothing that will set you back!

2)  DRINK WATER.  Luckily as the temperatures rise so does your natural thirst for water so take advantage of this.  We don’t drink nearly enough or as much water as we think and we need more the hotter it gets.  8 glasses of water is just where the party gets started.  Depending on your activity level, you might need much more than that.  Always have a glass of water in your hand at a get-together and try to stay away from alcohol or soda if you’re trying to lose weight. 

Your body is composed of mostly water so you’ll see your brain function improve, your athletic performance skyrocket and your hair, skin and nails strengthen the more hydrated your are.  Celebrities aren’t lying (but probably not fully disclosing) when they say that water is their most prized beauty tip!

3) MAKE IT A POTLUCK.  Host a party and make it a potluck telling everyone what to bring.  This way you are fully in charge of what you’ll be serving, making it easier for you in the kitchen (and on your waistline)!  This way you’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends relaxing and not working so hard.  Now if there was only a way to split up the dishes…

4) NEVER GO TO A PARTY HUNGRY.  Never, never, never do this!!!  Go along with your planned schedule for eating.  If you know when food will be served then plan your day accordingly so you’ll get to eat with everyone (refer back to #1).

5)  GET OUTSIDE.  The summer is a perfect time to take a sunset hike, surf, swim and run alongside the ocean.  Be active!  Take a break from all the parties and just get outside!  This is also a perfect time to refer back to #1 and make sure to plan your workouts accordingly.  The kids may be on vacation, but you’re not.  Don’t skip your workouts!!! 

If you’d like more tips on how to stay healthy this summer, I’m here to keep you accountable and successful.  Email me at  for details.  Have an awesome summer!

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