By Joe Garcia

The One, The Only: Bruce Goren, Beast.

Name: Bruce Goren
Age: Unknown
Weight: Whatever “awesome” weighs…
Physical Strength: When he performs his push ups he actually pushes the earth away from him
Weekly Regimen: 3 times Weekly Semi-Private Training, Saturday 8am Spartan Training and 9am Kickboxing…EVERY WEEK!!!
Arena Fitness Tour of Duty: # of Visits: 915,? Hours: 665.75

Bruce has trained with Arena Fitness since November 27th, 2003! He is close to reaching our prestigious 1,000 visit mark!!! This man has gone through every grueling workout imaginable since the day he stepped into Arena. The only time he ever interrupts his training regimen is when he goes out of town for business or attends a function for one of his beautiful kids (all of whom are Arena Fitness alumni). Bruce truly embodies one who is committed and consistent. He does not understand the meaning of “I can’t.” He truly is an inspiration to me and everyone around him. I am blessed to know him. Thanks Bruce for bringing it every single time! I hope to be half the man you are when I grow up.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Beast of the Week: Bruce Goren!