Rachel in action!

Name:? Rachel Speed

Age:? Young!!

Weight:? 15 pounds less than in September!

Workout Regimen:? Three times a week Semi-Private Training at Arena Fitness, plus extracurricular hill running/walking at home!

Arena Fitness Tour of Duty: # of Visits: 36, Total Hours = 27

Sometimes someone comes along to remind you why you got into this business in the first place.? So often, as trainers, we work with people who are totally capable of change but not willing to commit to it.? It can be frustrating.? That’s why we love Rachel.? She started three months ago, hopeful and determined, but skeptical.? Throughout the ensuing weeks, we have watched her mindset shift, her willingness explode, her resolve harden into steel.? She has taken on not only a lifestyle shift, but has totally overhauled her thinking so that she realizes that change is possible, that she has the power and control to make it happen, and that it requires commitment that she is willing to provide.? She has cleaned up and improved her eating.? She is doing additional training ON HER OWN outside of the gym.? She throws herself fully into whatever we have her do at Arena Fitness.? Her strength and endurance have increased by leaps and bounds.? This beautiful Beastess has dropped 15 POUNDS, and has done it the healthy and responsible way.? She is an inspiration to us, we are immeasurably proud of her, she is the blueprint for how to show up in life if you want to experience significant change in your fitness and health.

Ladies and Gentleman, your Beast of the Week:? Rachel Speed!