Scotty “The Body” Kantrowitz

Name: Scott Kantrowitz

Body Type: All arms and heart

Workout Regimen: Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, Kickboxing 4+ times per week at Arena Fitness
Arena Fitness Tour of Duty:? # of Visits = 187,? Total Hours = 140.25

He resisted coming to Arena Fitness for a long time, even though his wife and three kids had been training with us for years.? When he started, he couldn’t do more than a couple of push ups and a short walk on the treadmill.? Frankly, he was the last person I suspected would one day be a Beast, but that’s the great thing about this business; sometimes people surprise you.? Early on in his training he began to step it up and set goals for himself (“I want to be able to do 20 push ups” was his first.? He blew that away quickly).? Then, he began to see his arms grow and he became a monster, hiding out in the corner of the gym after his sessions doing curls and rope pushdowns.? 15 months later, he’s banging out sets of pushups like they’re nothing, doing box jumps, burpees, wall runs, Spinning, jogging, pull ups; and all while managing to maintain a staggering fashion sensibility!? Last week, he did his first kickboxing class and killed it. Next up: Spartan Training Camp!? This recognition is long overdue, but he actually turned me down when I asked him to take a photo to be the very first Beast of the Week, so I made him wait for a second chance!

For his persistence, his ability to challenge himself, his willingness to wear Christmas colors on Christmas Eve, I, Jonathan Aluzas, do humbly and proudly give you our Beast of the Week, Scott Kantrowitz.