Bourdelais the Beast, post-Spartan Training

Name: ?Tina Bourdelais

Beastly Credentials: ?Lost 11 Pounds since February 29th, Registered for the Spartan Sprint 2012

Arena Tour of Duty: ?33 visits, 23.25 hours

Some people make their presence known through bluster, some through performance. ?This lady falls in the latter category. ?When Tina started at Arena Fitness on February 29, 2012, we suspected she would make an impact on her fitness and on us. ?We were right. ?She has lost 11 POUNDS and logged in 33 workouts with us in the last 51 days, and she registered to join us for the Malibu Spartan Sprint on December 1st! ?She exemplifies what it takes to succeed in the pursuit of weight loss and health improvement; she’s consistent (a Spartan Training fanatic), she uses MyFitnessPal every day, she blogs about her weight loss/health improvement journey (, and she gives everything she has in every workout, every time. ?If that’s not enough to support her Beastly credentials, in 1993 she played running back and linebacker on a football team that competed for the German National Championship (BEAST MODE: ON!). ?In short, if you want to know what commitment looks like, it looks like Tina.

We are so proud of her effort, so proud of her results, so proud she’s a member of Team Arena Fitness, and so proud to introduce you to your Beast of the Week, Tina Bourdelais.