By Jonathan Aluzas

Glenn Freeman - All-Out Beast!!

Don’t let the smile fool you, this man is a Beast.? He’s one of the most genuinely kind and warm-hearted guys you’ll ever meet, the kind of man who always asks you how your weekend was and then actually listens and takes a genuine interest in the answer.? He has impeccable manners, never complains and has been dubbed a “Friend to the Goren” (which affords him instant and complete celebrity status at Arena Fitness).? He is well-read and knowledgeable without being nerdy, always good for a really interesting conversation.? But in the gym, he is a monster.? His absolute commitment to giving his all invariably leaves him a sweating, frothy mess, and leads to an extended session of mopping for me.? When I ask him to do something he doesn’t think he can do he does it anyway, and if he doesn’t do something to his satisfaction, instead of quitting, he asks if he can try again.? Glenn has HEART, which is a quality few possess and no one can buy.? I love working with this guy.

Here are a few of his Beastly qualifications:

  • Trains 4 days a week at Arena Fitness.
  • Placed a super-close 2nd Place among the men in the September Shred.
  • Has dropped 15 – 17 pounds in the last 3 months or so.
  • Has shaved over a minute off of his mile run in the last month.
  • Does Personal Training, Kickboxing and Spartan Training Camp.
  • Is doing the Spartan Sprint on November 19th in Malibu, CA!

I proudly present the Beast of the Week, Glenn Freeman.