Arena Fitness Warriors: Clean, happy, smiling!

This week, we honor the many brave souls who participated in the Warrior Dash in Lake Elsinore last Saturday! This fun and challenging 5k obstacle course included running, climbing, crawling, sliding, even a little swimming, and the whole crew showed up strong and crushed the course! Some of them had participated previously in the Spartan Race, 5k’s, half-marathon’s, tri’s and full marathons, some were first-timers. But everyone showed up with incredible spirit and did Arena Fitness proud! It was a lot of fun (the beer garden didn’t hurt) and the impressive physical performances of the team members confirmed that all of the preparation (Spartan Training and Fryman Canyon runs, etc.) paid off.

We are so proud to have such an awesome core group of competitors who not only train hard but are fun to be around. We can’t wait for the next events!


Arena Fitness Warriors: Dirty, smiling, and even happier!

Pictured:? Elroy, Dave, Phil, Kevin, Madeleine, Stacey, Ani, Jonathan, Joe, Tony, JP, Anna, Rue, Lorena, Will, Julianna, Rubina, Rhonda,?Elena, Annie, Rachel, Nikki, Glenn, Bruce, Sheera. ?Not pictured: Amanda, Linda, Arvind, Chris and ????