Name: Team Arena

(PICTURED: Dave, Ricardo, JP, Becky, Jennifer, Kevin, Stacey, Annie, Julianna, Glenn, Bruce, Will, Joe, Lorena, Sheera, Madeleine, Michelle, Rhonda and Jonathan. NOT PICTURED: Devon, Elroy, Rubina, Kelly, Scott.)

Age: A bit of a range, but the average age of Team Arena is “Awesome”

Weight: Less after running the race.

Physical Strength: Enough to carry a tire up and down hills, enough to scale walls, and more than enough to do monkey bars — but not quite enough to do a javelin throw.

Training Regimen: All day, everyday! Team Arena trained in the wee hours of the morning, the late afternoon, and even the weekends.

Team Arena is comprised of a number of clients and staff from Arena Fitness. Inspired by Team Arena member Dave O’Connell, Jonathan and Joe decided to sign up for the Spartan Sprint in Malibu, CA. Since misery loves company, Jon and Joe then decided to get as many people to do the 5k with obstacles with them as possible. As it turns out, there are several people at Arena that are just as crazy as they are: 23 other brave souls decided to join them on their quest for Spartan immortality. Team Arena is no slouch: 16 members decided to tackle the Hurricane Heat before?the scheduled race time of 10:30 am, and embarked on a 3 hour early morning quest. Team Arena is ready for anything! And they have some pretty sweet t-shirts and bruises, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Beasts of the Week: Team Arena!!