Elena: Two-Time Beast of the Week!
Leonidas; King of the Spartans!

When we decided to pair people up into teams for this Shred, we were hoping to show improved results over previous Shreds, feel a community coming together to reach a common goal and watch others motivate each other to new heights. ?We’re happy to say that all of these things are happening and these two epitomize WHY they’re happening. They check in with each other every day, making sure their diet is on track and their workout was intoxicatingly sweaty. ?They even go so far as to trail-run together on their off days from the gym! ?And when they’re in the gym they train like monsters, doing semi-private training, Spartan Training, Total Body Training, you name it! ?These two ooze persistence, patience and are an absolute pleasure to have in the Arena. ? They are being honored as Beasts because their approach is truly team-oriented, each one of them operating in support of the other. ?I’m sure they want to win the Shred, but we want them to know that their winning approach to mutual support is inspiring and totally representative of the Arena Fitness way.

We are honored and humbled to present our team beasts of the week, Elena?Herrera and Will Garcia!