Maybe you already do personal training in Northridge with Will Garcia…

If so, you’re in good hands! But what if you decide to go on vacation this summer and you’re not able to make it into the gym to work with Will?

No worries. With this week’s home workout you can take Will with you everywhere you go. Lucky you!

Keep in mind that the people who are the most successful with their training are the ones who maintain consistency no matter the circumstances! Yes, this means training even when you’re on vacation.

Don’t let a fun trip set your training and your progress back. Personal training in Northridge is your go-to program, but you need to make sure you have a plan when you’re on the road or on the beach.

Bang out this quick and effective bodyweight workout in your hotel and then chase it down with a glass of wine! Or run on the beach, or go hiking, surfing, just be active and enjoy the process of staying in shape all year long.

Have a great summer!

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Jonathan Aluzas is the Membership Director for Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers group training in Northridge as well as personal training in Encino.