Boxing classes in Encino and Northridge!

If you have ever done boxing then you know what an amazing workout it is. If you have been looking for boxing classes in Encino and Northridge because you’ve always wanted to try it, we have you covered.

Why is boxing so popular?

Here are a few reasons:

  • You’ll sweat like crazy, burn tons of calories and shred body fat!
  • Your arms, shoulders, back, chest, core and lower body will get toned, fast!
  • You’ll have FUN learning a skill instead of just grinding out another boring workout!
  • It won’t matter if you’re at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, you’ll get all the benefits of boxing, no matter what!

Small classes and personal attention!

You want to get in shape, fast! You want to have fun doing it without having to deal with packed classes and an intimidating environment. You want personal attention. You want results.

Arena Fitness can deliver all of that by providing small classes of no more than 8 to 16 people, many of which are taught by TWO instructors so you can get the attention you need to learn and get fast results. This isn’t a “fighter’s gym” or a UFC type environment, so you will feel comfortable and welcomed.

Request information below and, if you’re interested, you’ll have the chance to try us out for a week!

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Jonathan Aluzas is co-owner of Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers group training in Encino as well as personal training in Northridge.