Bruce Benton; from nothing to race-ready!

Now, keep this in mind; when we say “nothing” about Bruce Benton, we’re only referring to his fitness level! Bruce has accomplished A LOT in his life. He is a very successful business man, an accomplished musician, the guy has it going on.

But at 56 years old he didn’t like what he saw in the mirror. He didn’t like how he felt. So he determined to do something about it. He embarked upon a fitness and nutrition program at Arena Fitness that included personal training and coaching on proper eating and how to fuel his body with clean eating.

The transformation has been incredible! Bruce has embraced fitness in a way few do. He is coachable and a willing student, he is dedicated and has a “what’s next” attitude when it comes to getting stronger and more fit.

Over the span of 6 months he:

  • Dropped over 33 pounds
  • Lost well over 10% body fat
  • Improved his FMS (Functional Movement Screen) score by 6 points
  • Participated in his first Obstacle Course Race!

Here he is learning how to climb a rope in preparation for the Gladiator Rock ‘n Run on October 17th:

We were very proud to run with Bruce on Saturday, October 17th at the Gladiator Rock ‘n Run. He did an amazing job and is currently preparing to run with us in the Spartan Sprint in December of 2015. He was kind enough to express his gratitude to Arena Fitness in this recent blog post:

personal training success story Bruce Benton, weight loss marvel

But the truth is that we are every bit as grateful to him as he is to us. He has been an inspiration; the ideal client. Someone who owns a growth mindset and who dives into fitness without any thoughts of failure or quitting.

Bruce, thank you for all that you do and all that you are. You are the man!

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