Kettlebell!The halo is a great exercise that engages several parts of your body simaultaneously. Halos are good for shoulder mobility, scapular stability and overall core conditioning. Sound familiar? That’s basically everything you need to limit pain from sitting at a desk all day.
To do a halo, grab a kettlebell and do the following:
  • You can grip the kettlebell on the horns with bottom up, or you can palm the bell with your index finger and thumbs around the horns.
  • Start with a good base. A good place to start is in a tall kneeling position, or standing on your knees. Think tall and light, squeeze your glutes, with a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. After you get the hang of this position, you can progress to a half lunge (If you’re standing, that means feet about hip width apart.
  • Begin with the kettlebell in front of the chest, with relaxed shoulder blades. Make sure that you’re standing up nice and tall with your tailbone tucked, and abdominals locked and engaged. Be mindful of the abdominal engagement as you progress through this exercise.
  • Move the bell in a circular direction, up and over one shoulder, passing by the ear, around the back of the head, and pass it by the other ear and over the other shoulder. You can perform a set of repetitions in one direction or alternate directions each time.

(Thanks, Johnny Fit!)Once you master that, you can do the halo on all SORTS of stuff. Like on top of a stability ball. (Note: do not try this one at home)