By: Sarah Schmermund

With Summer in full swing, I’m sure we’ve all lingered a little too long at the food table at the neighbor’s pool party or your boss’s BBQ.? While three servings of potato salad followed by two (let’s be honest – three) scoops of ice cream won’t do much to preserve that waist line you trimmed down during Stacey’s Summer Shred (thank goodness the End of Summer Shred is right around the corner!), hanging by the grill just might.

According to recent research by the Eat This, Not That! team, you can save anywhere from 500 to 1,500 calories by exchanging eating out for grilling out.? While grills are infamous for juicy steaks and burgers, dropping these summer staples on a grill can reduce their fat content by nearly a third.? As opposed to a restaurant “grill” (see: hot slab of flat metal), your home grill allows much of the fat to bubble out and fall to the coals below.? An added bonus?? You’ll also save nearly $40 by grilling at home (and you never have to wait for a table).? So while you warm up that grill, click here for some great recipes that will spare your wallet and waist line.