You need to watch this video. When you’re done, you need to share this with everyone you know. Not kidding.

This is why fitness matters.

We all want to look better. I do. You do. Nothing wrong with that. But fitness, REAL fitness, is about so much more than that.

It’s about a 75 year old woman’s ability to get up and down from the couch or an 80 year old man’s ability to get out of bed in the morning without help.

It’s about you being able to bend down and pick up your wallet if you drop it. At any age.

Forget about Spartan Races and Triathlons and showing your abs off at the beach.

This is about being able to walk up a flight of stairs or go to the bathroom on your own.

We celebrate victories people experience when they lose weight, when they drop fat, when they add muscle or improve their performance. As we should.

But this is about your life.

Don’t waste it.

Thank you to Mike Vacanti for creating this video.