“First…move well, then move often”

That’s the foundation of our training ideology at Arena Fitness. As you may know, already the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) is a system that is used to rate and rank your movement so that we can identify any possibilities of injuries. This is the System of Corrective Exercises that I have used to guide me in rehabilitating my ACL Reconstruction helping me to score a whopping 18 on my FMS! That’s only 7 weeks Post Op!!!

This results driven screening protocol is the same screening system used by the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, the brave men and women serving in the US military, and many other respectable organizations. Needless to say…we only use the BEST Training methods to integrate into your Personal Training Program while at Arena Fitness Training Centers.

This Movement System is going to take the same Training System we work with and help personalize it even better than we do now.  I’ve been studying and watching the results from all of our clients to continually improve our Corrective Exercise Strategy at Arena Fitness.

This year so that we can enhance and refine your experience at FMS DAY we will be screening as many people in advance during the month of October leading up to October 29th.

Details for FMS Day:

  • Saturday, October 29th

  • 8am to 10am in Encino

We will need to schedule your FMS 15 minutes prior to your next class or session to allow for proper screening of your movement.

This will allow us to answer more questions about your Corrective Exercise Strategy on October 29th.

This will be an interactive day so expect to get sweaty, conquer new challenges and pave the way for better movement and accelerated RESULTS!

Let’s get started on taking your movement and your training to the next level today!

Please schedule your FMS Screen this month by emailing scheduling@www.arenafitness.com or you can ask any of the Team members at Arena Fitness to help you out.

Thank you and remember to always TRAIN SMART!

Sincerely yours,

Joe Garcia, Program Director

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