How to get “unstuck!”

We asked our good friend, Dave Schulze, owner of FocusFit, one of the best providers of personal training in Austin, Texas, to weigh in on something for us.

We all hit a wall in our training from time to time. That’s going to happen. The question is; what do you do then? How do you get “unstuck?”

Do you just wait around and hope for a bolt of lightning to strike you and inspire action and motivation, or are you personally responsible for creating it yourself?

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Well, we think it’s up to you, not divine intervention. And Dave is a smart guy, so he agrees with that, too! Here is his take:

Tip #1: Change your state

This is a Tony Robbins tip. Hey, say what you want about Tony Robbins, but he’s a master motivator and the leader of a virtual empire. Don’t shrug him off until you check him out!

Clap your hands, get excited, show some energy and just plain change your state! Make a choice to snap out of your funk. The simple acts of clapping your hands, disrupting your current pattern, and making a choice to move in a different direction cannot be underestimated.

It’s a great way to break the “stuck.” But you can’t stop there, so once you do that, you need to…

Tip #2: Have simple, realistic expectations

Everything is golden when we’re trending up. But does anything in life ever trend up in an unbroken progression (except the cost of living and, well, taxes)?

NO! Nothing in life is a straight trajectory of improvement.

When we’re on a winning streak we forget that, at some point, we’re going to dip. We forget that progress is a wavy line, a series of ups and downs in which the up phases last longer than the down ones.

When we hit a rough patch we need to consider our expectations, keep them simple, clear and realistic.

And then…

Tip #3: Make a SLIGHT CHANGE!

Then, make a 1 degree or 1% improvement.

That’s it. Just 1 degree or 1%.

Just make a slight improvement today and be PATIENT. Then, tomorrow, do the same thing. And the next day, too.

Eventually, this will pay off.

You can’t “home run” your way out of a funk. Sometimes you have to lay down a bunt. Or get hit by a pitch. Whatever, just get on base.

So, that’s it!

Change your state.

Keep your expectations simple, clear and realistic. And make a SLIGHT improvement right away.

Thank you very much, Dave Schulze, for your wisdom and insight!

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