What is your favorite food?

Ice cream

What is the hardest exercise you’ve had to do?

Swimming through a freezing lake in a Spartan Race

Who influenced you the most in life?

My parents, who have been models of health and wellness well into their 80s..

Who is your favorite superhero?

Not really a superhero guy, so….Muhammad Ali?

What keeps you motivated?

Striving to be in optimal physical and mental health as I age, and modeling that behavior to demonstrate that everyone can maintain a high level of wellness regardless of age

Job duties:

  • To introduce you to the Arena Experience in a manner that is totally informative and completely pressure-free.
  • To help you dig deep to identify your barriers and why they’ve interfered with your goals in the past.
  • To help you design a plan to overcome those barriers so that you can realize your goals.
  • To support and guide you at all times.
  • 25 years experience in fitness industry
  • Former health club general manager, sales manager and operations manager
  • Currently Membership Director for Arena Fitness
  • Former NPE Success Coach
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Pursuits: Boxing, Kickboxing, Animal Flow, Obstacle Course Racing, Running, Nutrition
Arena Fitness in Encino and Northridge combines the best of ONLINE fitness coaching, nutrition, personal and group training.

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Get lean, toned, fast and strong with our personal training in Encino and Northridge. Our semi-private personal training is for 2 to 4 people at a time and is what private training would be if it was dynamic, energetic, fun, and affordable!

Personal strength & resistance training is the BEST method of training if you want to drop weight, add lean muscle, and change your body. Our unique 4 Week cycle focuses on four phases of training every month to continually spark improvement and progress. It’s a progressive, circuit training system that is based on proven scientific principles for maximum physical and cosmetic improvement.

Don’t spend a fortune every month for a stale personal training program that you dread going to. Experience semi-private personal training at Arena Fitness and get a workout that’s fun, challenging, and effective.

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