Another delicious recipe…

Here’s another good one from the vaults of the Balanced Habits 28 Day KICK START™, which begins on September 14th! This recipe is a little bit sweet, a little salty, a little cinnamony and all around delicious! Please feel free to download the recipe PDF below!

Applesauce Rice Cake Sammich


Rice Cakes (3” diameter size)
Carton 2% Cottage Cheese
Un-Sweetened Applesauce
Roasted-Salted Sunflower Seeds or Roasted-Salted Pumpkin (Pepitas) Seeds
Splenda or Truvia or Stevia packets
Ground Cinnamon


 Make your own “Cinnamon-Sugar” using Splenda, or other, mixed with Ground Cinnamon. Make it how you like it to look like/taste. This will last pretty much forever in an airtight container or Ziploc baggie.

 To find your portion of rice cake, find the amount of carbs that you need for your unit amount below. Look at the Nutrition Panel on the package for TOTAL Carbs per the serving size they give you. This is typically by ounce and # cakes. You may need more than one, or even a half on one. We are factoring in Applesauce with the carbs in this instance.

 Spread, sprinkle, enjoy!

Download the PDF for ApplesauceRiceCakeSammich

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