“They care what and how we do on Day 29 and beyond…”

Dana was a newcomer to us and the 28 Day KICK START in September 2017. She wasn’t feeling good physically, wasn’t happy about the way she looked and she wanted to avoid having to take cholesterol medication. She knew she had what it took to change everything, she just needed a guide, a plan, a team.

She crushed it.

The combination of personal training, nutrition coaching, walking and a supportive community propelled her to amazing results in only 28 days:

  • She lost 6.8% body fat (12.4 pounds of body fat)
  • Gained 2.4 pounds of lean muscle
  • Dropped 9 inches
  • Stopped having to down Advil due to arthritis pain

Here’s her experience, in her words:

“I can’t say enough about my experience with the 28-Day Balanced Habits Kick Start Program which I participated in Autumn 2017 through Arena Fitness in Encino.   

A little over a month ago, I was feeling exhausted and stuffed into my wardrobe.   My eating habits were based on convenience – processed foods (nightly M&Ms and frequent fast food runs).   Of course, I wanted to look and feel better, but I also was motivated to take steps to avoid taking cholesterol medication if possible.  As much as I wanted quick results, I knew that I needed help to get in balance and to stay there.   

Though it sounds cliche, Balanced Habits really has taught me how to eat by emphasizing a combination of proteins, carbs, and fats and teaching me to focus on eating clean and ground-based whenever possible.  The individualized plan, based on my age, frame, and lifestyle has been invaluable information and like nothing I ever experienced as a fallen Lifetime Weight Watcher. 

I don’t think I was eating often enough before.  Certainly, I was not feeding my body what it needed but was feeding bad habits. 

I’m happy to report I never felt hungry on this program.   

Indeed, it was sometimes difficult to eat as much as I was supposed to consume.  Yes…I did initially experience junk and sugar cravings, but I got through those times (gone by end of week 2 for me) in relatively easy fashion by replacing the “bad” habit with movement (cardio walking and semi-private strength training sessions at Arena). 

The combination of guidance from Arena Nutrition  Director, Stacey Garcia, eating balanced, and moving with the trainers’ help, really took my results to a level I didn’t realistically expect.  As a side benefit, I don’t look as puffy and am not downing Advil because of arthritis pain.   

I started my balanced journey on Google searching for personal training near me.  I quickly found Arena and was impressed by the rave reviews and the online photos.   Arena is a smaller studio gym and the members in the photos looked like real,  fit people.   In person, I found the Arena trainers (Daniela, Lauren. Stacey, Joe and Phillip) to be genuine and positive.  They are teaching me the how and why of strength training and adjusting moves based on my abilities and corrective needs.   And because Balance is the key here, Arena even offers a weekly yoga class (shout out to Philip). 

Arena Fitness and its members make for a welcoming community and even look to give back and support important causes.  Arena knows fitness and nutrition.  The team conveys their expertise in a friendly and open manner.    As Jonathan said when  we first talked, they care what and how we do on Day 29 and beyond.  I’m now participating in Balanced Life so that I can keep balanced!”

Congratulations, Dana, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished!

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Jonathan Aluzas is co-owner of Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers group training in Encino as well as personal training in Northridge.