Keeping things simple is crucial for success in fitness and nutrition. With life being as complicated as it is, it’s important to try to be as prepared for success as possible. Set yourself up to win!

My friend Kiersten Mueller is the owner of Another Level Fitness, which specializes in CrossFit in Easton, Maryland as well as nutrition coaching and weight loss in the Easton area. I reached out to her for some simple but effective, real-world advice for people who are trying to make improvements in their health.

Here’s her take on a powerful but simple tip for improving your fitness this year.

Make Double Dinner!

Your nutrition is the central point of your health and wellness program! If you’re not managing your nutrition you will be tired, sick, unable to keep up with your kids; you’re not going to reach your goals.

The solution: Make double dinner.

It’s easy to do!

  • Use it for lunch the next day.
  • Use it for dinner two days from now.
  • If you’re out, you can pack it along so you don’t have to grab fast food or go to a restaurant.

What’s problematic is not having food ready when you need it. That’s when you make bad choices!

So, here’s your first step toward effective food prepping; make double dinner! Store it, freeze it, build up a great inventory of nutritious food so that you have it when you need it!

Thanks for the great advice, Kiersten!

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