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Kat is crushing it!

This month we want to recognize Kat Jankaew as the February Member of the Month! Kat does group training in Northridge with us and is in our LIFE nutrition coaching program. Her results have been amazing.

She has lost 22 pounds, 10% body fat and 17 inches since September.

Let me say that again; she has lost 17 inches since September.

According to Stacey Garcia, our Nutrition Director, who has been coaching Kat on her LIFE program:

“…she always shows up to her appointments, is always looking to further her results and is 100% coachable. She makes up her own recipes and clears them by me. She’s always looking to challenge herself, therefore she’s able to change herself into the athlete she wants to be.”

Let’s break that down:

  • She always shows up for her appointments
  • Always looking to further herself (Growth Mindset)
  • 100% coachable
  • Makes her own recipes and challenges herself (Personal Responsibility)

Sounds like the perfect formula for success to me.

In Kat’s words:

“Training at Northridge with Will and Phil is just the perfect amount of “holy-crap-is-this-over-yet?!?!” challenging and unpredictable fun! The group training at Arena Fitness took me to a new level of strong but the nutrition program was a complete game changer for me. With Stacey’s guidance and an extremely clear road map to follow, I lost 22 lbs off my little 4’11” frame. I’ll admit that I still kinda geek out over the fact that my upper arms no longer resemble the shape of a summer sausage but the best part of this transition by far is having so much more overall energy and taking less time to recover after a hard workout. I’m now in the very best shape of my life!”

Congratulations, Kat! We’re proud to name you Member of the Month!

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Jonathan Aluzas is the Membership Director for Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers personal training in Northridge as well as group training in Encino.