All success stories are different. Some chronicle athletic improvements, some weight loss, some both. Some focus on mindset shifts, in embracing lifestyle change, some on increased self-worth.

All success stories are incredible.

But the ones that feature being able to reduce or eliminate medications are especially powerful. Last week we featured Javier Jung who, by combining our 28 Day KICK START and group training workouts, transitioning into our LIFE nutrition coaching program, and bringing commitment and growth mindset to his fitness pursuits, was able to go off of his Type 2 diabetes medication with his doctor’s approval.

This week, we honor Ronnie Rom, whose story is no less impressive. She jumped into our 28 Day KICK START and group training programs, embraced lifestyle changes in addition to altering her approach to nutrition and exercise, and has been able to get off of her migraine medication. In the picture of her above she has just finished the “Name Challenge” which is a TOUGH workout! But she took it on like a champ and the smile on her face shows that.

This is the stuff that matters! Changing the way you look is fantastic. Changing the way your body functions from the inside out is POWERFUL.

Congratulations, Ronnie, for stepping up and owning your health, for your supportability and your commitment. Oh, and for losing 9 pounds of body fat, too!

This is a summary of her experience, in her own words:

“Before the Kick Start, I was taking migraine medication twice a day and drinking 2 – 3 sodas a day.  With the help of the amazing team at Arena, I am medication free and have swapped the soda for water and tea. 

The Kick Start program for me wasn’t as much about weight loss (though that’s always a plus) as it was about a healthier lifestyle and for me, that’s everything!  I’m no longer constantly struggling through the day with head pain and needing the soda to give me the boost to survive through my long days. 

I feel more energized then I have in a very long time!  With a busy work schedule and two young kids, these small changes have been beyond impactful and life changing!  I am grateful for finding Arena when I did, I just wish I found them earlier!”

Ronnie Rom, Arena Fitness Member

(NOTE: Getting off of medication is incredible! But please follow your physician’s advice on this matter.)

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Jonathan Aluzas is co-owner of Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers group training in Encino as well as personal training in Northridge.