Nutrition and weight loss; if you don’t have a plan, FORGET IT!

Here’s the straight truth; if you want to lose weight but don’t have a nutrition plan in place, you will fail. No ifs, ands, or buts. Period.

Studies show that nutrition makes up 80% of your weight loss (or lack thereof). I want you to read this line again and again:

Studies show that nutrition is 80% or more of the equation when it comes to weight loss.

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You can’t out-exercise bad eating!

Sorry, but if your plan for weight loss is to hit the treadmill or Stairmaster, or to do cardio classes or CrossFit until you’re drenched with sweat and lying prone on the ground, you’re out of luck.

Unless that plan includes a systematic nutrition approach, too.

Our inclination is often to workworkwork and sweatsweatsweat when we want to lose weight. We look in the mirror and say:

“I gotta start working out!”

Thinking that’s the answer.

It is the answer, but only partially. Only about 20% of the answer, at most, and that 20% will be easily overwhelmed by bad nutrition if you’re not careful.

There’s a difference between a PLAN and CONCEPTS.

A PLAN is a detailed and structured approach to nutrition that includes:

  • Knowing how to properly balance macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs) with every meal
  • Knowing what your precise portion sizes need to be based upon your body, your activity levels and your goals
  • Knowing how to properly space out your meals to maximize fat burning

Concepts are ideas like:

  • “I’m going to eat clean!” (What does that mean? What constitutes “clean?” Will your “clean” eating be balanced?)
  • “I’m going to cut carbs!” (Why? What kind of carbs? Will that throw your macronutrients out of balance?)
  • “I’m going to eat smaller portions!” (Why? Is that the problem? Are you sure you’re overeating or is it a matter of not eating balanced meals? How do you know what your portion sizes should be based on your goals?)
  • “I’m going to eat small meals throughout the day!” (Why? Are you sure that’s the right approach? Is that the best way to optimize fat burning?)

You CAN’T do it ALONE!

Nothing of value is created in a vacuum. No one reaches success alone.

People often try to manage their exercise and nutrition alone. Don’t. You won’t be successful, and even if you experience some degree of success, that success pales in comparison to what it would have been had you worked with a coach!

A nutrition coach provides:

  • Knowledge
  • A System
  • Support

You aren’t the best person to fix the engine of your car. You aren’t the best person to roof your house. You aren’t the best person to prepare your taxes or represent you in a legal matter. So, why would you be your best option as a nutritionist or trainer?

You aren’t. You hire auto mechanics, roofers, CPAs and lawyers because you recognize their expertise and know they’ll get you a better result than you will get yourself.

Hiring a nutritionist is no different.

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Don’t try to do it alone. We can help.

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