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How do you lose weight?

Ask anyone: diet and exercise. Hopefully by now everyone knows there’s a clear connection between nutrition and weight loss. But there’s a third thing 99% of people are overlooking. What is it?

“Medication!” …a drug company will be quick to tell you.

Nope. Don’t even get me started about drug companies.

The missing ingredient is sleep. Those who sleep too little or too much have been shown to have a harder time controlling their weight.

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Sleep loss and weight gain…

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll naturally crave simple carbs for a quick energy boost. But one of the many problems with simple carbs is that they are usually pretty bad for you (candy and soft drinks are both high in sugar, which is the most notorious simple carb). These types of foods are quickly metabolized into blood sugar, meaning you don’t stay full long.

Then it’s back to the refrigerator.

Some people can lose weight JUST by correcting their sleep schedules. Others won’t. The body is a complex machine and everyone is different.

If changing your sleep pattern doesn’t work for you, I’ll show you something that will, 100%.

It will be based on the way your unique body reacts to its environment, and you won’t have to guess when it comes to being healthy ever again.

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