Step number two on your path to proper nutrition and weight loss is to make sure you’re clear on precise portions. The precise portions you need for your specific goals and metabolism.

As we said last week, we don’t believe in fad diets or starvation diets. We believe in eating real food, whole foods, and we know from personal experience that you can be successful in your quest to improve your health and look the way you want to with proper nutrition because we help people do it with our TakeDown LifeStyle and TakeDown Challenge nutrition programs.

There are 3 key steps that you must take for proper nutrition in order to get the results you want, and Stacey Garcia, Nutrition Director for Arena Fitness, explains step two here; Proper Portions.

Why are proper portion sizes important?

Because if you aren’t clear on the precise portion sizes you need you will end up either under eating or over eating, both of which will not lead you to the results you want! Only by determining your precise portion sizes for your metabolism and your specific goals will you be able to be successful in your nutrition program, especially if you want to lose weight and/or gain muscle.

If you are already invested in exercise, if you are invested in personal training or group fitness, or even if you work out on your own, you will NOT be able to achieve the health and body composition changes you want (fat loss, muscle gain, performance improvement) if your nutrition is not in line.

Please watch this video and take this second step to heart. We will be sharing the last step next week! As always, please let us know if you need any help by calling us at 818-906-3030 or submitting the form below. Happy Thanksgiving!

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