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Another Fast Food conspiracy?

I work with a lot of people looking for a weight loss program in Northridge, Encino and beyond. The subject of “fast food” comes up quite often.

As a food coach, I would never tell someone to “fight against” their urge to eat. Eating is fun, and it’s how we nourish our bodies. If you try to rebel against nature, you’ll lose every time.

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Nine times out of 10, when someone tells me that they’re “always hungry,” it’s usually because they’re not eating enough fiber (found in all sorts of foods including lentils, bananas, and wheat bread – a quick Google search will tell you many more).

Fiber, among many other benefits, takes a while to digest so it naturally keeps you full longer.

The fast food industry knows this about fiber, so they knowingly and systematically keep it out of their foods. Can you guess why?

Because people who aren’t full will buy more food!

 It’s almost like they don’t care about our health, isn’t it?

Just another reason to think twice before turning into that drive-thru…

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