“I have been going to Arena Fitness for almost a year now and it has been completely life changing!
I just completed my second round on the kick start program and have lost even more weight and inches, overall. I have always struggled with my weight and hadn’t really understood or embraced how proper nutrition and exercise could transform not only my body, but my mental and emotional health, as well.
I was always the customer that bought into fad diets and quick fixes….until joining my Arena Fitness family.
There is so much that I love about this gym, but I think what I have appreciated the most is the amount of care and attention they provide to their members who experience any sort of physical limitation. There are always alternatives or modifications provided which were motivating and helped rid myself of all the excuses I had for not being able to work out properly or reach my fitness goals. Not only has my injury improved, I am now able to do certain exercises that I was certain I could never do.
In addition to all of these amazing transformations, my self-confidence has increased and I am constantly pushing myself from my comfort zone. I even did my first OCR (Obstacle Course Race) which is something I NEVER could have imagined.
Thank you Arena!”
– Allie Brown, Arena Fitness Member