“Seriously, I found this place by a Google search, looked at the Yelp reviews, and thought there is no way this place had that many 5 stars without their  friend’s padding the reviews! BUT!!! Big BUT!!! This place is AMAZING! The training is unbeleivable!!! This is a family owned, two gym operation with some of the best training ever. The classes are limited to about 12 people, and you get personal attention EVERY class. I go to the Northridge location and Will is a great trainer,  very tough workout, but friendly and super personable atmosphere. Also, try the Balanced Habits Kickstart program, the food you eat is actual food, it’s all normal stuff but perfect balanced nutrition using the science of macronutrients. I actually thought it was too much food!!! No way does that ever happen!! I’m a fat dude that likes eating! I lost 10 pounds and honestly called the nutritionist Stacey and told her I can’t consume this much food, she said “Try!” There is no food deprivation in this program, finally a program where I can eat, feel full, but still lose weight because of PROPER PROPORTIONING AND CORRECT NUTRIENTS VALUES. Anyways, getting off my soapbox, go try this place and program, stop messing around, do something that actually works and get training that is LEGIT!”

Matthew Daniger, Arena Fitness member