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Start your day off with this delicious smoothie! If you are part of our TakeDown LifeStyle Nutrition Coaching program you will understand the reference to “3 Unit.” If not, just use these ingredients for a healthy and delicious breakfast smoothie to start off your day!


2 inch section of banana

1 cup mix of blueberries and strawberries

3 tablespoons of ground flax

1 scoop of protein powder (21 grams – we prefer plant based MRM products)

2 cups mixture of aloe water and coconut water

Blend it up and enjoy!

A few smoothie tips to keep in mind:
  • Making smoothies and “juicing” are not the same thing. Juicing removes the pulp and fiber from the concoction, leaving it mostly sugar. Not nearly as good for you as a smoothie. A smoothie blends up whole foods and extracts nothing.
  • A smoothie is not a “shake.” A shake is something you get at In ‘n Out! Delicious, but not healthy. Smoothies taste good (not as good as a shake, sadly) but are nutritious.

This smoothie is a balanced meal with proper portions of protein, carbs and fat and is a tasty and healthy breakfast. Stay tuned for more recipes!