Jonathan Aluzas on Putting Yourself First…

What “Putting Yourself First” DOESN’T Mean!

  • Being selfish – placing your needs first to the detriment of everyone else
  • Caring only about yourself
  • Ignoring the needs of others

What “Putting Yourself First” DOES Mean:

  • Self care – respecting yourself enough to take good care of your health and well-being
  • Understanding that by doing so you put yourself in the best position to care for others in your life
  • Carving out time to exercise, pay attention to your nutrition, sleep and stress management

Respect yourself. Care for yourself. Understand that if you put your health and well-being above all else you will be able to properly care for the people in your life you love, for the things in life that matter to you.

Joe Garcia on Practicing Having a Practice…

Make a conscious effort to change the narrative in your health in a way that will create healthy behaviors.

Instead of saying, “I’m going to go work out today,” change your thinking to, “I’m going to go PRACTICE my movement, or I’m going to go PRACTICE my deadlift.”

Your narrative will change fitness from something laborious to something beneficial and positive; something that you appreciate instead of dread.

As a kid, you “practiced,” whether it was soccer, penmanship, gymnastics. You recognized that it was a process of gradual improvement.

As an adult, it became “work,” which establishes a negative context, something you have to struggle through.

Change your narrative and you will change your fitness!

Stacey Garcia on Turning Resolutions into Goals…

Resolutions are dreams.

Goals are plans that you put on paper, they’re specific, they’re in writing, they’re realistic.

Put those written goals somewhere visible so you can continually remind yourself of your path and stay on track.

Will Garcia on Keeping it Simple, Making Baby Steps…

Sit down with us and have a goals strategy meeting. Take baby steps and stop trying to hit that home run.

You didn’t get OUT of shape overnight, you’re not going to get back IN shape overnight.

Everything that has value takes time to improve, be patient, take baby steps.

Daniela Stratman on Thinking Positively…

Stop using the phrase, “I can’t.”

Turn it into, “I can, but it’s going to be tough!”

Phillip Anderson on Being Patient and Having Fun…

Let go of expectations and deadlines, enjoy the process, let go of the pressure!

Enjoy the journey, be okay with the ups and downs, have a little patience.

Max Masood on Trust…

Believe in your path.

Let go.

Stop being in control of everything.

Stop questioning.

Trust the path and trust the process.

From all of us at Arena Fitness; have a GREAT 2017!

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Jonathan Aluzas is the Membership Director for Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers personal training in Northridge as well as group training in Encino.