People think it comes easy to personal trainers…

But that’s just not the case. Daniela Stratman is one of our lead Encino personal training staff. She trains hard, she trains often, she prepares for and competes in about 30 Obstacle Course Races per year.

Surely she must just LOVE training! Not so fast.

In this video, Daniela expresses the personal challenges she comes up against when it comes to training. The fact is that most of us personal trainers struggle with training, too. Sometimes we absolutely HATE it.

But the difference is that, when someone is committed, they do it anyway.

Look, we trainers don’t have our act together completely when it comes to exercise and nutrition. We struggle with “motivation” and desire just like everyone else. But we push through and do it regardless of whether we “feel like it” or not, because we know that on the other side of that struggle is progress.

My hope in posting this that you will realize that success in training can’t depend on feeling like training! It depends on doing it anyway. Just like going to school or work, just plain doing it anyway!

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Jonathan Aluzas is the Membership Director for Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers group training in Northridge as well as personal training in Encino.