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“Kick Start is not just a short-term program…”

This is one of the most important and powerful things about the 28 Day Kick Start. It’s not just a 28 Day plan.

Short, 4 to 6 week Challenges are popular these days. And they generally produce really great results. For 4 to 6 week. But the first day after it ends you begin to boomerang back to where you were before the Challenge and you end up gaining not just the weight you lost but even more.

That’s because they aren’t built on solid principles. They’re just “starve yourself and train your ass off” (literally) programs that show huge results on the scale (in the form of lost water weight and muscle) but aren’t sustainable.

That’s where the Kick Start differs. This is a nutrition coaching program in which you not only learn what to do but are supported while learning new behaviors so that they become healthy habits.

The 28 Day Kick Start is founded on sound, science-based nutrition principles. This approach not only produces quick results, but will continue to produce results as long as you stay on path. And it’s easy to follow and doesn’t “outlaw” any particular foods. You can eat real food as long as you keep your meals balanced, in the proper portions and mapped out in the best number of daily meals.

Now, imagine combining that with amazing small group training classes that focus on HIIT, boxing, core conditioning and full-body toning! Incredible results.

Imane came to us and really embraced the culture and philosophies of the Kick Start and Arena Fitness. Her willingness to learn, to be coached and to change resulted in remarkable success that I think any of us would be proud of achieving in a month!

This is her take:

“Kickstart is not just a short term program but a long term lifestyle change that has helped me learn how to eat for the body I want NOT for the body I have.

Arena fitness is all about team work and goals that comes with a profound education on how to change the mindset to start changing the body and lifestyle. The community along with trainers create a challenging and healthy environment that ultimately makes anyone successful in achieving their fitness objective.”

– Imane Haddada, Arena Fitness Member

Well said, Imane, and thank you very much for your hard work and support!

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Jonathan Aluzas is co-owner of Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers personal training in Encino as well as group training in Northridge.