Eric Kim cropped

Congratulations to Eric Kim, our 3rd Place TakeDown Challenge Winner, for losing:

12 pounds

5.5 inches

4.1% body fat

In only 28 days!!!
In his own words:
What did you learn about your nutrition habits?
“I think I learned what you mentioned at the start of it all which is how much grazing and snacking we do.  The hardest part for me, and still is hard, is that I am a late night person, so not being able to eat or snack on anything after that last meal is REALLY tough.  I also know that my portions were probably too big at most meals.  And with my work schedule, I had very inconsistent eating habits.  It was and still is one of the challenges in terms of trying to stick to a schedule – there are days when I am in back to back things and I really don’t have even 10 minutes to stop and eat a snack or meal.  Its a work in progress.”
What did you learn about yourself?
“I learned that a lot of this challenge is mind over matter.  And that you just need to take things one day at a time, one meal or snack at a time.  I also learned that having a program and schedule to be accountable to is HUGE in being able to pull this off.  I have lost weight before by dieting and exercising but the program, schedule, and recipes which include carbs (!) made it so much easier.”
What surprised you the most?
“I was surprised by how much weight I was able to lose by really only changing up my diet.  Where I fell short, in my mind, was not getting myself into the gym more.  Who knows how much more I would have lost if I just did 50% more time in the gym.”
Would you recommend the TakeDown Challenge to someone else?
“I would definitely recommend the TDC to someone else – it definitely works IF you stick to the plan.”