College Workout: Cornell University

This Workout of the Week goes out to one of our favorite clients, Hannah, and everyone studying with her at Cornell University.

We promised our college-student clients that we’d give them some workouts to do while they were in school so that they wouldn’t get out of shape (and would be up to speed when they come to visit over the holidays), and this is the first in what will be a series of College Workouts. ?We recommend that you start with a couple of rounds of the Core Warmup (from the video we did a few weeks back) and follow it with two to four times through this Dumbbell Circuit. ?Aim for 10 reps of each exercise on the first time through, and then see if you can do 20 reps of each exercise on any subsequent rounds.

As always, be smart; don’t try to do use too much weight, don’t do the advanced movements if you’re a beginner, and don’t hurt yourself! Be a part of something!