weight loss program

“I was able to reverse my Type 2 diabetes…”

Change can be very challenging, often for reasons outside of your control. But if you care enough, are committed enough, have a strong enough plan and become a part of a community who rally in support of your success, you can change.

Javier is a perfect example of this. His story highlights the futility of “diets” and the relationship between nutrition and weight loss when a program is in place that doesn’t starve you or focus on outlawing certain foods.

Here is a description of his experience with Arena Fitness and the 28 Day KICK START. But, keep scrolling down the page, and you will see how he has CONTINUED to create results AFTER the KICK START with our Balanced Habits LIFE nutrition coaching program.

“After retiring from the Army National guard in 2007 I stopped exercising, enjoyed more time with the family and lived to eat great tasting foods. After 10 years I gained a lot of weight, became obese and had Type 2 Diabetes.

In 2015, I retired from my employer and I started on a journey of exercise and diet. Exercise was difficult but easily became a routine lifestyle change. Dieting was the most challenging, I also realized I only needed to “eat to live” and “not live to eat”.

I experienced several diet methods to reduce my weight. Each diet provided some weight lost but my weight lost would stop until I tried another diet. Low carb seemed to be best for me, but I eventually plateaued and could not lose anymore weight. Meal changes and increasing exercise hours per week wasn’t helping.
In 2018, I joined the Arena Fitness Center “28 Day Kick Start” program. The Kick Start put me into HIIT exercise training and a Nutrition plan, both was exactly what I needed to break through my weight, diet, and health plateau.

Because of the “28 Day Kick Start” program, I learned what to eat for proper Nutrition, I lost weight, I kept my muscle mass, and reduced my body fat from 25% to 20% but most importantly it helped change my medical heath and I was able to reverse my Type 2 Diabetes and am no longer required to take medications.  I am thankful to the staff at Arena Fitness for helping me overcome my weight and health challenges and guiding me on a healthier lifestyle change.”
 Javier Jung, Arena Fitness Member

(NOTE: Please follow the advice of your physician. We can’t guarantee to reverse chronic conditions, this was Javier’s experience, and he went off his meds upon the advice of his doctor).

weight loss program

But it doesn’t stop there!

Mindset is crucial. Because it won’t do you much good to lose weight, reduce body fat, gain lean muscle, go off of your medication and then rebound right back to where you were before you started your program!

This is about long-term, sustainable results. And that requires a long-term mindset and a plan engineered for long-term success. You can’t “diet” yourself to your ideal body and health.

After his amazing success in the KICK START program, Javier did it the right way; he transitioned into the LIFE program for continued results and coaching and it’s continuing to pay off.

10 more pounds of fat lost. More muscle gained. More momentum, more reinforcement of daily habits, more success to come.

Thank you, Javier, for being so committed and coachable. You truly are an inspiration.

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