Classes are available IN-PERSON and ONLINE and feature fun and challenging Metabolic Conditioning and HIIT workouts.

This isn’t CrossFit, folks. Our group training is for ALL LEVELS and provides safe, dynamic, full body workouts that will get you in ridiculously good shape. We combine HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with full body exercises and heart rate monitoring to maximize fat burning and keep you feeling great long after your workout ends.

Don’t get lost in a large group class with 30 people in it! Experience group personal training at Arena Fitness and get the personal attention you need to get the results you want.

Try us out for a WEEK!


All monthly memberships include FREE Nutrition Coaching!

Get lean, toned, fast and strong with our small group training classes at Arena Fitness.

Sport Class

HIIT, battle ropes, slam balls, cardio intervals and a lot of sweat!

Metabolic Class

TRX, dumbbells, sandbags and cardio for toning and shaping!

Trifecta Class

A combination of Sport, Metabolic and Core for the ultimate full-body blast!

Boxing Circuit

Heavy bags and total-body conditioning! Gloves required!

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