Ladies: Protect What’s Yours!

By Jonathan Aluzas   Last month was "Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this is a topic we can't spend enough time on.? At this point in the game we ALL know someone who, one way…

Think Before You Drink

By: Madeleine St. Marie I saw a former coworker recently, and was pleasantly surprised to see that he had lost weight since the last time I saw him. He had been struggling with his weight…

Exercise Your Brain

By: Sarah Schmermund, M.A. Beyond our health and good looks, researchers have asserted for years that exercise also helps our brain function, especially over the long-term. Physical exercise promotes neurogenesis, the creation of new brain…

Recipe of the Week: GF Lasagna (Gluten- and Guilt-Free)

By: Stacey Garcia Love Lasagna but feel guilty every time you indulge in it? Here's a gluten-free, vegetarian version of it that you'll love! Thank you Phillip Greenbaum and Shauna Nevens for creating this masterpiece!!…

Weighing In on Weighing In

The scale.? Some days, it's your best friend, displaying the pay off of your hard work and healthy lifestyle.? Other days, it's your worst enemy, discouraging your efforts with a number higher than you expected.…

What Makes This Time Different?

By: Sarah Schmermund, M.A. So, you’re two weeks into this shred. You’ve been inundated with info on what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, how not to exercise… You…

Save the Gossip for the Nail Salon

By: Sarah Schmermund, M.A. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.? If you can carry on a conversation, it doesn’t count as cardio. Thankfully, research is finally backing us up. For years, the…

No Wonder Our Schools Suck!

Written by Jonathan AluzasThe Los Angeles Unified School District sucks.? It just plain does.? The dropout rates are ridiculous,

the quality of education is minimal, the bureaucracy is corrupt and incompetent and, in short, our kids are not receiving a decent education.? I apologize to the teachers for voicing this out loud, I'm not saying that you suck and I'm certain many of you are terrific (although it's unconscionable that you allow your union to protect inept teachers from being fired), but the statistics and results (or lack thereof) don't lie; the Board of Education is failing!? To blame are our state and local legislators, unions, administrators and, ultimately, the public for allowing this unacceptable situation to exist.? Our schools, in addition to being mismanaged, don't receive adequate funding to build a top-notch educational system.? Nor are our law enforcement agencies properly funded.? Nor are our public services properly funded.? NOTHING is properly funded.? We have a $28 billion dollar budget shortfall this year, which leads into my point for writing this.I heard on the radio today that obesity is costing the state of California $41 billion per year!? That's $41 BILLION!! This is enough money to cover this year's budget shortfall and half of what will inevitably be next year's!? These are our tax dollars being spent on what I hold to be an entirely preventable condition. (more…)

Why Don’t You Just Buy Your Kid a Pack of Smokes?

Written by Jonathan AluzasWhy Don't You Just Buy Your Kid a Pack of Smokes - Child Obesity (Part One)

This is not the kids' fault, it's the parents.
Is this healthy eating?
Long before the data began pouring in about the staggering increase in child obesity I began noticing that kids just seemed fatter and more out of shape than they used to be.? It was just an observation, but seemed terribly obvious to me (it was one of those things that, when studies came out, I thought "Good lord, someone actually paid for a study on this?? You can look around for FREE and come to the same conclusion!").In recent years I've noticed a cultural shift in our children.? They don't move.? They just don't move.? When I was a kid, everyone played sports, and everyone played multiple sports.? There was no down time, we'd just transition from one uniform to another as the year went on.? Everyone climbed trees and played tag, everyone played Danish or dodge ball at recess.? Keeping us inside on rainy days was cruel and unusual punishment and usually ended with us being ejected into the wet outdoors just to shut us up, even if it meant having a kid come home covered in mud.? Even the heavy kids were active, they were just, well, larger.? It seems that the minority of them play organized sports and even fewer are active on their own accord. (more…)

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