Special Offer: 6 Month Lifestyle Nutrition Program!

The 28 Day Challenge is over, but that doesn’t mean your results need to be! At the beginning of this adventure, we encouraged you NOT to consider this a “28 Days and Done!” challenge, but as the first 28 days on the road to a lifetime of  healthy habits. Keep your results rolling with our Lifestyle program, a 6 month extension of the 28 Day Challenge, which includes:

  • MORE AMAZING RECIPES! Membership to the Lifestyle recipe site and tons of delicious options.
  • PRIVATE COACHING AND ACCOUNTABILITY! Meet with Stacey 2 to 4 times per month for one-on-one support.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE! For up to date info and the all-too-important social support.
  • WEIGH INS AND MEASUREMENTS! To track progress and keep you on target for huge, ongoing results.
  • AFFORDABLE! This special offer gives you 6 months of ongoing coaching for only $129 per month!
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