Name: Aliza Levin

Aliza Levin

Age😕 19 years young!

Body Type😕 Freshman Fabulous!? No Freshman 15 for this active girl!

Workout Regimen😕 Running while taking study breaks at Berkeley and killing back to back classes at the Arena while home on Winter break!

Arena Fitness Tour of Duty😕 # of Visits = 236 (20 in the last couple of weeks). Total Hours = 176.5


Aliza has been a proud member of our Arena Fitness Family since she was 16 years old.? We’ve enjoyed watching her blossom into a beautiful young lady as well as a BEAST in all her workouts.? In the past couple of weeks she has taken 20 classes, tons of which were back to back classes.? She consistently took Spartan Training before Kickboxing or Black Belt Booty followed by Spartan Training.? Her smile is contagious and her spirit endless.? We’re proud that she has taken her Arena Workouts to school with her, always striving to reach her fitness goals no matter where she may be.


Ladies and Gentleman, May We introduce you Our Beast Of The Week, Aliza Levin!