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“Wearable” technology is exploding!

But is is that big of a deal? Is this just a marketing thing, or should I be paying attention?

Water cooler talk has now shifted to conversations pertaining to “wearable” technology; accessories you can wear that measure everything from total volume of movement to sleep to posture to heart rate.

Apple, FitBit, Garmin; big business is cashing in on the public desire to measure vital information while we go through our lives. It’s cool, it’s interesting, but is it really valuable or is this just another example of good marketing and industry cashing in on an empty fad?

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Not all wearables are the same…

The most popular tracking devices are the wrist-bound ones like the FitBit.

So, how does the FitBit compare to a Heart Rate Monitor:

  • FitBit is an accelerometer with the capabilities of measuring Heart Rate. It primarily measures footsteps when calculating physical activity via wrist movement and measures heart rate through the pulse in your wrist.
  • This form of tracking has been recently shown to have inaccuracies of up to 15 BPM giving the user a false sense of motivation and results.

And what does the MyZone Heart Rate Monitor do?

  • The MyZone MZ-3 Belt is strictly a heart rate monitor designed to give the user accurate and live, real-time results using the latest technology in Heart Rate Training.
  • As opposed to being on the wrist, the MZ-3 Belt is worn around the chest with the monitor just below the center of your sternum. Really close to the heart. Which helps when you’re trying to measure heart rate!

Don’t get me wrong, FitBits are a great starting point, especially for people who have desk jobs or have been inactive for a long time and are wanting to simply increase their energy expenditure for basic wellness. If you have been living a life of minimal physical movement and you aim to get 10,000 steps per day using FitBit it is a simple and impactful way to improve your general health.

But if you want to use heart rate monitor and EFFORT to maximize your training results, MyZone is the way to go.

What is MyZone?

MyZone represents a big leap forward in the wearable/tracking phenomenon. It takes the concept of measuring activity and supercharges it.

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Why is MyZone so cool?

  • 99.4% accuracy in measuring Heart Rate
  • Measures effort, not just movement, so it can accurately determine caloric expenditure
  • Much more accurate than a wrist device
  • BUT, it can integrate with your Apple watch!
  • When you wear it in a MyZone enabled fitness studio (like Arena Fitness) you can see your unique date displayed on the big screen
  • Stream your activity, upload your data and read it on your smartphone
  • Monitor your activity calendar, workout graphs, and challenges
  • Keep a picture food diary
  • Set personal goals and monitor progress graphs
  • Train alone or set up challenges with friends
  • Get instant feedback and feedback over time (historical data) that shows progress
  • MEPs gauge relative intensity to you; you are rewarded based on intensity, not fitness level
  • Your trainer or coach can monitor your overall exercise quantity, intensity and frequency to hold you accountable to your exercise program EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT IN THE GYM (for some people this is a plus, for some people this is a huge minus!)
  • Ability to monitor intensity and effort relative to each activity. It’s NOT ALWAYS BEST TO TRAIN AT MAXIMUM EFFORT! MyZone enables you to pinpoint exactly what effort you should be at when training.

Yes, MyZone IS a game-changer!

Both Arena Fitness locations are now equipped with the MyZone Training System, which will enable us to coach you on effort, match your effort to the relevant exercise or class to get better results, create challenges and prizes, coach you even when you’re not in the gym and help you supercharge your productivity!