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The power of personal training and nutrition is amazing…

But only when put to proper use. Scott has put it to proper use! Scott got involved with our Encino personal training program, but decided to supercharge it with our LIFE nutrition coaching program several months ago.

Since then, he has completely changed his fitness, his body, his lifestyle and his life!

Here’s his “before” story, in his words:

“I’m 48 and I am a avid surfer and swimmer and train 3 days a week with Arena Fitness. I am afraid of the aging process, slower metabolism. I was afraid of losing muscle mass and gaining weight. I wanted to really put on some muscle and reduce overall body fat. I seemed to be stagnant and also wanted to be more “cut” and athletic-looking.
I also could not get rid of the extra weight around my waist. I was stuck on a gain and loss cycle that was frustrating . So I was really unable to allow myself to gain muscle because overtime my weight went up I would panic and not know if it were muscle or fat so then I would diet to get the weight under control.”

Then he started with Arena:

“I began journaling what I ate, when I ate snacks, coffee, water, etc… I became accountable to someone for my results . I would meet once a week and discuss my results with someone ( Joe ) who understood my goals and was willing to tell me the truth about how to achieve them.
I began working out at arena 3 days a week, surfing 3-5 days a week, swimming 3-4 days a week.”

The Results:

“Changes? Well, you have the facts…lots of fat loss…lots of muscle gain.
  • Thicker chest and arms
  • Slimmer waist
  • Broader back
  • More booty
  • More muscle in thighs
  • More cut/definition
  • More confidence in many areas of my life
  • Happier girlfriend
  • More energy
  • Sleep better
  • Less fluctuation in weight loss and gain
  • I don’t need look at the scale to determine how I look
  • Everybody in my life has really noticed it in a positive way
  • I feel like I have REALLY experienced a genuine transformation
  • I feel like I can apply these ideas and habits whenever I want, I don’t need to bottom out to eat healthy”

And if that’s not enough, there’s more:

  • “I feel younger, more confident in so many parts of my everyday life
  • More athletic
  • I like the way I look
  • I have the body I always wanted
  • I feel like I understand how to eat more balanced
  • I feel like I can go anywhere and enjoy food
  • I feel better  proportioned
  • I feel like I can accomplish things that I thought were unattainable
  • I feel like my 50s are gonna rock (he just turned 49)
  • I’m not afraid of aging
  • I feel like I understand my body better”

Here’s what we want you to understand!!!

Scott is incredible. We are very, very proud of what he has accomplished over the last several months.


Scott is the hero of his own story. We were the guides.

Yes, we have a very effective and systematic nutrition coaching and weight loss program. Yes, we have a very effective and systematic personal training program.

But the best, most systematic programs in the world have to be followed to be effective. Scott is an amazing student and client. He truly brings a Growth Mindset to what he does. He’s coachable, he’s supportable, and he’s willing to challenge himself and be uncomfortable in order to succeed.

Congratulations on your transformation, Scott, you earned it!

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Jonathan Aluzas is the Membership Director for Arena Fitness, a fitness center that offers group training in Northridge as well as personal training in Encino.