“With a wedding three months away, my fiancé Casey and I decided to sign up for the kick start together. We both work out regularly and try to be healthy eaters but figured getting on a plan would help keep us accountable as we got closer to our big day.  I even follow another weight loss program so I went into this a little hesitant to stray from my usual plan but I also kept an open mind.

On the program, I lost 7 inches total and lost 8.1lbs of body fat!  I feel strong and lean, and overall, loved the results.  But more importantly, I learned so much during these 28 days! I learned that while I was making somewhat healthy choices, I was snacking too much, and not necessary eating balanced meals. I journaled every meal which helped me figured out which proteins, carbs and healthy fats keep me feeling full and energized.  I never felt hungry or deprived on this plan and the recipes are great!  I also realized the importance of meal prepping and sticking to an eating schedule, especially for someone like me who works long hours.

The best part is that Casey and I did this together. We would pick out recipes that we wanted to try, cook and meal prep together and became each other’s support system. We gave each other that extra push if we needed it and celebrated each other’s victories.

Also, the support from Arena was amazing! The whole staff is ready to answer any questions, give guidance and encouragement. The weekly challenges always gave me something new to work towards and the community of fellow kickstarters was so inspiring. I loved hearing how others were doing on the plan, whether it was hearing what recipes they tried or what workouts they did – seeing other people work hard really pushed me to do the same.

We feel better, we look better and both Casey and I are eager keep up this balanced habits lifestyle well after the wedding!”

– Erika Smith, Arena Fitness Member