From personal training program to personal growth…

Alicia came to us looking for a personal training program in Encino and wowed us from the start. Totally committed, super open to coaching, willing to push herself hard. She made tons of progress but decided she wanted to step it up a level and signed up for the 28 Day KICK START in May of 2018.

Again, she did not disappoint! She took it on, dealt with struggle, and lost 13 pounds of pure body fat in a month. Even more, she grew in her health habits and as a person.

It’s not always easy. But as long as you recognize that in advance, set clear and compelling goals, and surround yourself with support, you will prevail. The things in life that matter to you are worth fighting for.

In her words:

“I won’t say that this program started easy for me but I was determined to lose weight for the summer. I had some of the basics as I had done a 3 month Lifestyle program but this time I was going all in. 

After 3 days I was stressed, scared and crying. Of course I had chosen to quit coffee, sugar and alcohol ALL AT ONCE.  At the end of one of the semi privates I am on the verge of tears and Philip came to the rescue. I shared that I am not posting pictures of my food (’cause it never looked that good to photograph), I was afraid I was going to fail and about 4 other anxieties!  Philip totally relieved the pressure and assured me I would be fine……..and he was right. I got into the rhythm and actually really enjoyed the recipes and took pleasure in preparing my meals for the next day and I met people that were on my team and found they had many of the same feelings. The feeling of accomplishment is so rewarding, each week to show up for a weigh in and hearing Stacey congratulate and encourage and offer tips, to complain about every challenge but then dive in and get it done because you knew it was helping you AND the team. I highly encourage (and I talk about it to everyone) anyone looking to truly jump start your life, learn the way to eat and set goals to join the next Kick Start program… will be happy you did.”
Alicia Truesdale, Arena Fitness member
Congratulations on your progress, Alicia. We can’t wait to see what’s next!