this is an image of Sara Zanville, personal training and group training client, who has lost a bunch of weight

Congratulations to Sara Zanville who did a phenomenal job in the May 2016 TakeDown Challenge! Sara added the TDC to her personal training and group training program and got great results, including:

  • Losing 7 inches and 11.6 pounds of fat
  • Gaining 8.6 pounds of muscle

You did a great job, Sara, and we’re proud of you!

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In her own words:

“I’ve officially done the TDC twice and love it! It definitely started as a challenge, but turned into a lifestyle change. I couldn’t have done it without Stacey and the Arena Fitness team! Between the weekly check ins, 4-5 days of training and group classes and information posted on the pages and emails, everyone’s really made an impact on changing my mindset for a healthy lifestyle. For someone that has a crazy work schedule and works in restaurants, learning how to make the right choices is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for the continuous leadership, passion and motivation!”

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