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If I eat fat, will I get fat?

I have a really important weight loss tip for you. It turns out “you are what you eat” isn’t true at all.

The statement that “high fat foods make you fat” has been the official position of the FDA, the media, and virtually every diet book out there for decades.

And even with the emphasis on eating “low-fat” and “non-fat,” obesity and diabetes rates are through the roof. What gives?

The biggest and most thorough diet study in history sets the record straight. The Women’s Health Initiative randomized 48,835 participants into two groups: one ate a low-fat diet, the other was told to eat basically whatever they wanted.

After a meticulous eight years of research, the difference between the two groups was only one measly pound! The “low fat” group also didn’t have lower frequencies of heart disease or cancer, either.

There are tons of things MUCH more important to moderate than just a food’s fat content. Stuff like high fructose corn syrup. Trans fat. Processed sugar

It’s also important to know that each of us responds differently to different substances and chemicals. Just like how one person can smoke cigarettes starting at 17 and live to be 100, and another smoker might develop life-threatening lung cancer at 50.


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