Ever wanted the cardio benefits of Kickboxing with the toning of Ballet Booty and the lengthening of Pilates?? Now you can have it all packed into one class!!? Black Belt Booty Fusion works every muscle from head to toe for the ultimate total body workout. ?No previous ballet or kickboxing experience needed for this energetic class.? All you need is a pair of MMA gloves and a smile. And be ready for a new strong, sexy you! ?Warning: ?This class may sculpt the body of your dreams!

Starting next Monday, September 12th we will be starting Black Belt Booty Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 9:30am.? Ballet Booty Blast Basics will be moved to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 8:45am, and the Intermediate level class will be offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30pm.? MMA gloves are required for Black Belt Booty.? We have a few pairs for you to borrow for the first class then we require you to purchase your own.? We will be taking orders for the gloves this week if you’d like to purchase them through us.? They are $25/pair.? Let me know if you’d like for me to order you a pair.

Can’t make it in the morning?? We will be adding Black Belt Booty in the evenings next month so stay tuned!

Looking forward to kickbox your booty into shape!