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Sleep in this Saturday, Come sweat on Sunday! In honor of Yom Kippur, the gym will be closed on Saturday. Our 8am Spartan Training Camp, 9am Kickboxing, and 10am Black Belt Booty Fusion classes will…

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It's time to try something new. ?In preparation for the Spartan Race, we have a new class dedicated to getting everyone across the finish line. ?Be prepared for anything in this workout: we will run…

In Praise of the “Holy Shit” Moment

By: Jonathan Aluzas Anyone who has experienced one knows exactly what it is.? Anyone who trains hard, has played high school football, practices martial arts or otherwise engages in a lifestyle of strenuous physical activity…

Workout of the Week

This week's workout is the first in a series dedicated to some of our favorite clients who have headed back to college for the fall.? These workouts are easy to do, require minimal equipment, and…

Mind Over Muscle

By: Sarah Schmermund, M.A. Historically, research has focused on the physical body (muscles, heart, and lungs) to attempt to figure out what limits a person’s physical exertion capacity. Do tired muscles just give out at…

Fit AND Fat; The New Reality

Fit AND Fat; The New Reality
By Jonathan AluzasI am rising up in defense of fat.? I know, this is counterintuitive for a gym owner and seems to defy common sense, but the popular movement toward "thin is in" drives me to address this issue.? We have a national fascination with skinny (Louisiana, the fattest nation in the Union, notwithstanding).? Our actresses get tinier and tinier, our models look like pipe cleaners, the weight loss supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar monster (Attention: Hydroxycut just got recalled, what a surprise!) and celebrities who slap on a few pounds are mocked and derided in the media ( Jessica Simpson; you look just fine, girl).? There is a poverty of self-image that is driving us mad.
Nicole: NOT FIT
But "thin" and "fit" are not words that form an absolute marriage, nor are the words "fat" and "unhealthy" synonymous.? Research done over the last several years indicate that one can actually be overweight and healthy at the same time.? In fact,
Active obese individuals actually have lower morbidity and mortality than normal weight individuals who are sedentary...the health risks of obesity are largely controlled if a person is physically active and physically fit.- The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 2000 -
Interesting.? It seems that, while obesity is generally accepted as a negative health factor, it's the lack of physical activity that is the critical component in one's health.
"Consistently, physical inactivity was a better predictor of all-cause mortality than being overweight or obese." -Annals of Epidemiology, 2002

I Hate Working Out, But I Love Fitness

Written by Joseph GarciaI Hate Working Out, But I love Fitness: My Love/Hate Relationship with Training

Joe Garcia - Victorious Mountain Biker
Joe Garcia - Victorious Mountain Biker
I have been a Personal Trainer for almost 11 years now and have been working out all my life. I was involved in organized sports at a very young age, had a very successful Track and Field career (thanks, West Valley Eagles!), and started working out when I was 15 years old. I have always thought of myself as an authority figure in the Fitness Industry among my peers and my loving and devoted clientele. Over the course of my own fitness journey I have come across huge barriers, challenging obstacles, gratifying achievements, emotionally involved workouts and, at times (no matter how many seminars I have been to), stale, boring, monotonous workouts. I am now 29 years old and I am proud to say that…I HATE WORKING OUT!!!(Sigh!), that feels nice. With that said…oh, wait, let me say it again: I HATE WORKING OUT!!! Ok, all done. With that said, I have recently taken a look back on why I continuously put myself through the grueling, relentless, painful, sweaty workouts that I always do. No matter how much I don’t want to workout somehow I have managed to always kick my own ass! Why do I do it to myself? Well, I know exactly why. Ready for it? The magical key to a successful long lasting fitness lifestyle? Well, here it is… (more…)