Why you NEED yoga in your life…

Phillip Anderson, resident Arena Fitness yoga expert and personal trainer, breaks down why yoga is awesome and something that should be a part of your life and training program. Strength training and yoga aren’t mutually exclusive. Neither are cardio and yoga. They all go together quite nicely.

Here’s the scoop:

Yoga is NOT a religion!

If you think it is, you’ve gotten some bad info. Yoga is a Hindu practice that incorporates mindful movement with breathing exercises. It’s about maintaining and caring for yourself while keeping your eye on body awareness.

You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga!

Yoga helps improve and increase your flexibility, among other things. A lot of people mistakenly believe it’s a prerequisite to yoga.

It. Is. Not.

Don’t allow your fear of inflexibility keep you from welcoming yoga into your life!

Quick list of the benefits of doing yoga….

Helps the mind-body connection.

Increased range of motion.


The 3 types of yoga at Arena Fitness

MetaFlow = incorporating yoga postures with weights to develop strength in movement and burn calories

Yin Yoga = relax and calm your nervous system, slow down and process the day

Vinyasa Flow = more physical, moving from one posture to another, opening up the body, working on strength and breathing

The real reasons you should be doing yoga…

It gives you an hour to yourself.

It gives you an hour to breathe.

It gives you an hour to process the emotions you didn’t get to process throughout the day.

It gives you an hour to process your thoughts. To decipher them. Even if you have a super busy mind.

It gives you an hour of you.

Just do it.

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